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Upcoming Trainings:

Foundation Training 200 Hours with All Teachers
Sept. 11 - Dec. 6, 2015

This training forms the Foundation to teaching, and it is typically the first course a student takes on his or her journey to becoming a teacher, though it is open to those wanting to deepen a yoga practice without becoming a teacher. The course is a comprehensive Hatha Yoga course, with influence from classical Yoga texts and practices as well as modern science. Mukti is a heartfelt training program, guiding teachers to lead with intuition and care. Teachers learn to tune into what students truly need, and as a result no two Mukti classes are ever the same.

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Upcoming Workshops:

Yoga for Athletes Workshop with Julie Rader Wellman

Saturday: 8/15/2015 From: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Athletes have specific anatomical needs, so during this workshop we'll explore how yoga strengthens certain muscles to prevent injury, stretches over-used muscles, and enhances overall balance. We'll also explore dynamic, active and passive poses as well as sport-specific visualization and meditation.

Price: $20 early bird | $25 same day

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The Intuitive Yogi with Julie Rader and Jill Willard

Saturday: 8/22/2015 From: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Intuition is in all of us, we just need to know how to listen. Discover your individual intuition as you learn meditation techniques and tools to tap into your higher states of consciousness. This workshop is the ultimate opportunity to develop your higher intuition and profoundly deepen your meditation practice as you enjoy deep relaxation in restorative yin yoga poses.

Price: $20 early bird | $25 same day

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I have had the good fortune to work with many many yoga teachers throughout the years but Julie Rader is by far my favorite. Julie has a beautiful sweet disposition. She is a scholar of Yoga and if it is desired will gracefully and effortlessly educate about the yogic positions and principles throughout the sessions. She would move me through a slower de-stressing practice when I was feeling overwhelmed in my life- always bringing me back to my breathing. After those sessions I would feel like an anvil had been lifted from my back .When I needed more energy she would bring me through a more invigorating and energizing practice. Leaving me feeling ready to take on the next tasks.

Julie is a balanced and sweet person and I think this is important when you are working with someone closely and spiritually. Her meditations are powerful and deep. I couldn't recommend her more highly to anyone. Julie is a healer and an angel.

With gratitude, Patricia Arquette

I had been teaching and practicing yoga for over 16 years when I first took Julie Rader's class, and to be honest, I had lost my love of yoga. After just one class I felt inspired again and continued to attend her classes and seek out her understudies around town. Not only Julie, but all of the Mukti School graduates have a deep knowledge of the body and the yoga practice, along with gentle loving spirits. Practicing under the Mukti School has strengthened my physical yoga practice and taught me balance with every day life.

I couldn't wait to start my first training under the Mukti School. I was blessed to be in the Pre & Post Natal program and it was life changing. Julie and Chelsey are so knowledgable. I've had pre & post natal trainings previously, but they didn't touch on one percent of what the Mukti School Training covered. Their life experience was priceless in creating this program and answering all of our questions. My clients feel safe and prepared for the different stages of pregnancy, delivery and post-pregnancy recovery because the training I received through the Mukti School. Can't wait to take the meditation training!

Fitness Professional, Christine Bullock

I loved working with Julie and Bethany with some of my teammates with the US National Soccer Team. When we are training hard for soccer, our bodies can get tight and our minds can get busy. Julie and Bethany were awesome at helping us get more flexible, stronger, and more balanced. They really took the time to get a feel for what we needed individually, and it helped me tremendously. Now, I really love yoga, and I have a much deeper appreciation for the practice.

Professional Soccer Player, Heather O'Reilly