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150-Hour Foundation Module

Sept 12, 2014 - Feb 22, 2015 @ The Green Yogi with Linda and Wendy
As close friends, devout yoginis, and mothers of little ones, Wendy and Linda love being able to share the gift of growth. A training with these ladies promises a beautiful journey of deepening one's yoga practice and so much more!

50-hour Advanced Asana Elective

Sept. 18 - 22 @ Steamboat Springs with Julie
Join Julie in scenic Colorado for this retreat-like training immersion. Learn how to safely and effectively modify and adjust. Learn effective sequencing, theming your teaching, and practice building classes around anatomical centers.

150-Hour Foundation Module

Oct. 25, 2014 - Feb. 22, 2015 @ TGY, Berkeley with Christy
It is Christy's intention to offer the practice of yoga through the lens of playful presence, Lila ("lee-lah", divine play). In this training, learn to connect your students and yourself with inner joy, freedom, playful inquiry and self-discovery through the practice of yoga.

50-hour Therapeutics Elective

Sept. 19 - Dec. 14 @ TGY with Chelsea & Wendy
Our goal is for students to practice yoga for life! This learning opportunity will give you the skills to confidently teach yoga to students with a variety of physical & personal limitations. Chelsea & Wendy are passionate about providing a safe space for healing in all of their yoga classes, whether or not those classes are specifically targeted toward therapy.

Thank you for visiting the Mukti Yoga site. It is our intention you find inner freedom (Mukti) through yoga. The Mukti Philosophy states, "A truly balanced person has the feet grounded on the Earth and the head floating in the clouds." We hope you ground down always, float up often, and appreciate each day in between.

~ Namaste, Julie Rader, Founder of Mukti Yoga School